• In-Building Antennas and Components

    To add spot coverage in high-traffic areas, CommScope offers a family of in-building distributed antenna systems (DAS), mounting hardware and accessories that enhance wireless coverage. Designed for simple installation and minimal visual impact, our in-building and outdoor antennas feature a multi-band design that supports a wide range of frequencies.?

    Our DAS antennas are as effective in difficult-to-cover areas — like tall office buildings — as they are in parking garages, stadiums, airports and shopping malls. We also offer "audible-click" mounts for MIMO stadium antennas that provide accurate horizontal and vertical adjustments in 2- and 5-degree increments.

    Covers multi-band frequency range:

    • For indoor and outdoor use
    • Compact designs
    • Low passive intermodulation (PIM)
    • Delivers consistent patterns
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