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    LSA-PLUS? – Technically and economically superior “Quick Connection System”

    The LSA-PLUS? System, with the LSA-PLUS? contact as its smallest functional element, is used for connecting, disconnecting, switching and earthing connections in broadband copper telecommunications and data applications. The LSA-PLUS? contact as a special feature of the system ensures the highest degree of contact safety under the most severe conditions even after years of use. A durable, gas tight connection is formed between contact and wire - resistant to corrosion and mechanical stress by using the single action, audible indication LSA-PLUS ? insertion tool.

    Product familyInfo sheetProduct list
    LSA-PLUS Series 2
    Standard applications like MDF, BET, street cabinet, central office, FTTx
    Family Spec Sheet LSA-PLUS Series 2LSA-PLUS Series 2 products
    LSA-PLUS HD180
    Standard high density applications like cabinets, boxes, hybrid fiber/copper boxes & closures / FTTx, FTTB, FTTdP
    Family Spec Sheet LSA-PLUS HD180LSA-PLUS HD180 products
    LSA-PLUS PCB Series
    Circuit board connectors in which copper conductors are terminated using the LSA-PLUS? Quick Connection System. Available with different contact versions and port counts.
    Family Spec Sheet LSA-PLUS PCB Series?
    Protection systems
    Powerful and flexible portfolio with an optimum cost to benefit ratio & maximum economic efficiency for all types of LSA-PLUS systems
    Family Spec Sheet Gas discharge tubes/Overvoltage arrestors?
    Outdoor boxes
    Serve as a flexible connection and branching solution for copper OSP applications up to 200 pairs. They accommodate LSA-PLUS? connectivity for back mount frames with optional over-voltage protection.
    Family spec sheet Copper outdoor distribution boxes?

    Check out our connectors for mass or single wire splicing and other tools and accessories for easy installation, repair and maintenance of copper networks in both indoor and outdoor environments.

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